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Why AirTight Networks

With over 100,000 locations installed, AirTight is the right choice for adding secure Wi-Fi to your enterprise.  

Most Affordable Cloud Wi-Fi


With AirTight, cost and security are not mutually exclusive. AirTight's dual radio 3X3 802.11n cloud Wi-Fi solution is up to 30% less expensive than Meraki and Aerohive. With flexible cloud pricing, mulitple deployment options, and embedded WIPS technology, AirTight provides the most affordable and most secure WLAN access solution available for the distributed enterprise. 

Industry's Most Flexible, Secure Wireless Access Solution

AirTight delivers the only cloud-managed, enterprise-class 802.11n Wi-Fi access solution embedded with the industry’s top-rated wireless intrusion detection and prevention (WIPS) capabilities.  The AirTight AT-C60 AP platform is the industry’s first dual radio AP where each radio can be independently configured in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. AirTight's C60 also offers 3 user-definable WIPS configurations embedded in the AP.

AirTight's fully customizable cloud Wi-Fi solution gives enterprises complete control and maximum flexibility in deploying and securing their Wi-Fi networks. 

Industry's Top Rated WIPS


Consistently rated the industry's best Wireless Intrusion Prevention solution, AirTight WIPS accurately and automatically detects, blocks and locates wireless threats before they compromise your network.  By embedding the state of the art WIPS in every AP, AirTight combines enterprise class access and security in a single platform.  With AirTight Wi-Fi, your network is safe and secure at all times.

Fully Customizable User Interface


AirTight’s fully customizable HTML5 user interface improves IT efficiency. With drag and drop simplicity, AirTight provides network administrators a blank canvas to create the optimal WLAN management console for their individual business requirements. Location based hierarchy and policy definition centralize the management and configuration of hundreds or thousands of geographically distrubted locations. Custom dashboards and flexible reporting engine simplify network management and shorten problem resolution time.

Flexible Deployment Options


AirTight offers several deployment options for enterprises large and small.  Whether you leverage the AirTight cloud or your own virtual environment, AirTight has the right deployment option to meet your specific business objectives.  AirTight's robust cloud architecture is infinitely scalable for even the largest distributed Wi-Fi networks. On-premise options including virtual servers and appliances easily integrate with your existing networking architecture.

Enterprise Grade Wireless LAN Features


AirTight Wi-Fi comes equipped with enterprise grade wireless LAN features that can be managed centrally, making it an ideal solution for distributed enterprises. 

  • 3X3 802.11n access performance (three spatial streams) on 802.3af budget
  • WPA/WPA2 with PSK and 802.1x authentication
  • Supports up to 8 BSSIDs and 8 VLANs for data
  • Choice of NAT or bridged operation per SSID
  • Guest Wi-Fi access with customizable captive portal and walled garden
  • Stateful L3-L7 Firewall
  • Traffic shaping for managing bandwidth allocation per SSID
  • Application-aware QoS for upstream and downstream traffic
  • Content filtering via 3rd party integration such as Open DNS
  • Automatic BYOD policy enforcement; device fingerprinting and onboarding